Casually Sophisticated

August 27, 2016

It was babe’s fantasy football draft at our friend’s house so I wanted to go as comfortable as possible, but I didn’t want to look like I just got out of bed and gave no fcuks. So preparing to lounge around for 2 hours while 12 boys men, in their zone, sat in front of their laptops didn’t call for tight jeans or heels. So I opted for this instead:

Sweatpants. Yes. The best for lounging while consuming an unlimited amount of alcohol and food. These sweatpants were borrowed from my boyfriend and made by a friend of ours. Seriously, the comfiest pair of sweatpants I’ve ever worn and I love the simplistic design on the calves. Good job, B! ✊🏼

I figured I shouldn’t look like a slob pairing the sweats with an oversized tee, so I chose this elegant, white top I thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. The tie in the back is my favorite part about it cause it adds a little some’ some’ to a plain white crop.

I wanted to add prints and texture to the plain black and white fit, so I added a floral cap and, in case it got too cold, a denim jacket. I kept it street and comfy with my favorite pair of shoes—the Nike prestos.

Top: thrifted || Bottom: borrowed, one-of-a-kind || Jacket: Forever21 || Hat: Icon Brand || Sneakers: Nike

xx Ames


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