Viva Las Vegas!

It’s still summer so that means it’s still Vegas season. If you haven’t gone to visit, yet, head over to vegas.com where there’s all you need to know about Vegas in one place—hotels, shopping, clubs, shows, attractions, you name it. If you are in the midst of planning where to stay or what to do in Vegas, be sure to check out their vacation package deals first!

Wynn hotel, photo courtesy of vegas.com

I’ll admit: I haven’t been to Vegas in about 3 years, but if I had the option to, I’d choose to stay at the Wynn hotel because it’s so gorgeous, elegant and I’m in love with its architecture. However, like vegas.com says, “it costs an arm and leg” but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, it’s a new day in Vegas and I’d wake up mid-morning (’cause who’s kidding? You’re out all night partying lol) to head to Terrace Point Cafe at the Wynn because it’s poolside and I want to be outside soaking in the sun with a mimo in hand.

Terrace Point Cafe, photo courtesy of vegas.com

So here’s how I’d transition my outfit throughout the day :
Big, floppy hats are a must-wear accessory while you’re in Vegas. Face it, it’ll be extremely helpful when you’re under the scorching hot sun, especially if you can’t casino/hotel hop for the free AC (yeah, we all do it!) Not only is the hat helpful because it saves your face from possible sunburn, but they’re greatly appreciated when you’re on a time crunch getting ready—or you just couldn’t be bothered to wash your hair that morning or the night before. So I decided to work my outfits around wearing this blush pink hat from Target.
I’d want to dress comfy cause I’m assuming I’ll have a slight hangover, right? (ha!) So what’s more comfortable than a tee and some flats? But let’s be real, you still want to look a little dressed up cause it is Vegas afterall so I chose this comfy pencil skirt and these pretty flats to give the outfit more personality and edge. I personally like to carry a backpack around with necessities, like my makeup bag, ’cause I need to be prepared for an emergency. No one wants a hanging falsie!

Tee: Kanye West, Yeezus tour || Skirt: Forever21 || Flats: Classified || Hat: Target || Backpack: Katehill

SW Steakhouse, photo courtesy of vegas.com

After a laid back afternoon around the strip, it’s about time for dinner and I figure we’d go out to a nice steakhouse, like SW Steakhouse at the Wynn (it’s sooo pretty!). So I kept the hat on ’cause you can’t be too glamorous in Vegas—who’s going to judge you?—and there are tons of restaurants with outdoor seating so a hat is def appropriate. I decided to go the complete opposite from my day outfit by wearing all white. When I think Vegas at night, I think more elegant and sophisticated so I wanted to wear these white, pinstriped trousers from Topshop. I paired it with this white crop top from Kookai Australia and kept it neutral by wearing these heels I got from TJ Maxx (forgot the brand, but will update when I find out). What I love about these heels is the ease when walking in them because they hug your feet and it buckles at the ankle so you don’t have to worry about your feet popping out of the shoe (..or is that just me? 🤔). It can be tough making a simple, one-color outfit stand out but the easiest solution is to add a pop of color with an accessory—shoes, jewelry or in my case, a hat and a pair of sunnies. Accessories are fun so the pops of pink from both the hat and sunnies are what completes the outfit. It’s like, oh, you’re not that boring.

Top: Kookai || Pants: Topshop || Heels: TJ Maxx || Hat: Target

And voila! That’s my take on a day at the Wynn hotel.
Don’t forget to check out vegas.com if you’re interested in booking the Wynn hotel, for information on any other resort or anything Vegas related! 😊

xx Ames



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